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Searching for jobs during COVID-19

Searching for work through COVID-19 can be a challenging task. Job postings are down and over 40 million Americans are out of work. This simply means supply and demand has completely shifted in recent months and made it harder than ever to find work considering the competitive and landscape.

Some quick tips to help you along the way.

  • Utilize your network and reach out explaining your situation and outlying your skillset. If you have a few years experience then Linkedin is your best friend otherwise lean on your real life actual network.
  • Keep searching the top job sites and sign up for job alerts and add your CV / resume to their database.
  • Speak with recruiters and agency who specialize in your field. Remember their job is to find you a job.
  • Consider shift work for the next 6 mths on the side. There are delivery jobs and other that are thriving.
  • Maybe now is the time to start your own thing! How many times have we heard startups or entrepreneurs tell us how it all began during a crisis.
  • Good luck with your job search and check back here for more jobs that match your needs!